SO many things going on.  I still have barely been able to take a breath.  We are moving!  YEA and sad.  We are about to leave behind 20 years.  But we know we must.  We have to build a new future for us and our grand children.  This is where Munchkin grew up.  I can almost remember every single day from the time we moved out here.  I can remember her first day of school, her friends, her troubles, her teachers, her boyfriends.  The majority of her life played out right here.  All the way to the end.

I know some of this is sad, but it really isn’t meant to be.  I know I have to work some things out and with that comes writing (when I find the time), and in reading and in “moments” that are “Ah ha’s!”   I know God is speaking to me and it is my ultimate goal to really listen!

I am told I am a “strong, brave, courageous” person.  For going through the loss of 2 children, being married so young and still married for 35 years.  I have a different way of defining those terms.  That maybe a way others see someone that has witnessed so much in a life, but on this side it is a slow passive of time.  Keeping it all in, not knowing how to deal with and yet I do.  It is more not Wanting to deal with it.  Knowing that the passage of time is the only healer, and God.  Faith is a powerful force and one you should embrace.

I’m still learning.

We will move in a few weeks.  It’s a bit hectic right now which means I need to go get ready for the day and get busy.  I need to start packing!

This time around I am realizing a whole lot more than I did the first time around.  For one, the WHY?

Why is the question you will ask many times, in many forms for a long time.  And this is the word you will hear more than any other from those around you.   This time, I knew the WHY and I’m still researching it.  But I’m being led to do so..

Remember we are “Spirits having a human experience.”  That is a big WHY and can answer a million questions.  We have to remember where we came from and where we are going.   You  have to believe to be able to understand this.

But it answers your WHY…………and so much more.