July 16th, 2013

Time passes us so quickly that before you know it a day has gone by, then weeks, then months.  Some things start taking form in “the past” when it still seems like yesterday.

35 years of marriage builds a long road of memories and actually in Chapters of your life.  I believe we are in Chapter 3.   The first chapter would be our “beginning,” the second chapter I would call “working,” and now…….really hasn’t been defined a title yet.

We were married in 1978.  Compared to today that was apparently back in the old days!  But it still seems like yesterday when we got married and moved to Hawaii.  He was in the military and was lucky enough to have that post.  It was just the three of us, my husband, me and our Lindy.  Thinking I knew everything there was to know.   I look back and find that there is not one 17 year old that did.  But we all think we did! What a learning and growing experience.  Especially in the military.  It was beautiful, romantic, magical and hard!   I am grateful looking back that I had such a great support of military wives.  They do become your family when you are so far away.  To this day I sometimes wish I could find them.  Many, many years have passed and I have no way of even knowing where my best friends/family are anymore.   We only served five years and again when we look back he wishes he would of made a career of it.  We moved on.  Came home and started the civilian life.  And the first chapter was about to close.  Too soon.  Lindy was only with us a short time. But made a lifetime of memories.  We were barely out of the military a year when she passed away.   But we were already expecting Chapter 2 and the working years.

But that is a passage of time that you can only reflect and wish.

You will wish for many, many things in life.  You will pray for many, many things in life.  There is only one way to obtain this.  And it doesn’t mean you will still get it.  Decades of time with growth and maturity and my angels have taught me that our life is right in front of us.  Your prayers are being heard and they are being answered.  All in your faith.  Your answer maybe playing out right now and you do not see it.

But you won’t see it until it is behind you.  But you can feel it.  Intuition is a powerful feeling.  I reflect in “wishing” I could of defined it more.  Yet that is God talking to us.  He is and was good to me.  I had such a strong intuition with Munchkin, I just wish I knew what they meant.  It took me years to figure out that one such intuition always meant that “something” was about to happen.  The last Intuitive impression………….was the strongest and the worst I had ever felt.  I knew what it was …………………… oops, this is another chapter.