10334383_10205464598327335_6021940979091616663_n BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY REQUIRES you to dust off the “Sunday Special” and get your booty on the bike!

It is time to join…………………….in……………everywhere………………….everything!

5 miles today is what I put in although I am not afraid to admit that I did walk the bike on the way back when I came to the inclines.  BUT, today was my 1st day back on the Sunday Special in 2 years so I think that is allowed.

I feel wonderful.  I am back in church in between shows, and when I am at a show our promoters are good enough to have a 15 minute devotional on Sunday mornings and instead of me “eyeing” these from afar, I have joined these…………. I am in love again.

With my spiritual side.  It is time to live again.

Today I put my earphones in and listened to Pandora’s Inspirational Pop Rock and it really was wonderful!  The temperature is about 70 degrees F, the bike is old fashioned and I LOVE IT and I took my back road ride past some amazing homes and land with horses and cows and trees littering the pastures and creeks over full from the past spring rains.  Past the chicken farm that going my way is a bit on the scenic side, but if you go down the dirt road you have to hold your breath when you go past the killing zone.  (IT has to be the killing zone because it reeks and you have to hold your breath), the only time I take that route is when I am riding my mule (for those city people, it is a utility vehicle), and my grandson is on his 4-wheeler, because we can drive past this to get to the dirt back roads that we can ride and ride and get lost (but with GPS).

Me in my comfortable mule and him on his 4-wheeler and can do donuts and act like a 13 year old and stir up dust and go fast and navigate me while I stay back out of his dust…..

We are both of the same blood when it comes to exploring.  I LOVE TO EXPLORE!  Give me a dilapidated old farm house and I am in 7th heaven.

My grandson is the same as I.  He loves to explore with me.  He is also his mom made over.  My husband was always the one that was pulling us back with, “watch out for snakes”. (Okay, we will), and watch out for nails (Okay, we will) and on we trudged.  We just were curious and enormously intrigued with the past.   Today is today, I did what I wanted to do.

SO — What is the message today?

Well…………………………..you tell me.