Today is the time to get started on your new future.  Only you can do it.

You cannot depend on someone else to make you happy, change your life or make you rich.   Only you.

So many, many people have so may afflictions in their lives that they (we) tend to make these our reality in life.  Our reality is “What you want NOW.”  Stop depending on something to change it.  Change it now.  Today.

I have gone back and forth for so many years looking and searching for “something,” never really understanding what it is that I was searching for but I knew and still know that it is right in front of me.  To “See” it has been the problem.  Or what I thought was.  IT is inside of me.  It is ME.   As I want you to see for your self.

In my own searching we have gone through many turmoil’s, life shattering situations that are like earth quakes that shake you to your core.   We have many wonderful, exhilarating life changes also.  And they continue.  Which one do I want to engulf my life with?  What do you think?

I choose “Exhilarating life changes.”  The ones that bring butterflies to your stomach in anticipation of tomorrow.  The one that makes your head spin in so much excitement that you are busting from your seams with Joy!  The ones that make you feel like you could just FLY with your arms wide open!   This is what I choose.   From this day forward.

You may ask how can I go from one side to the other.  Because I “choose” to see a broader picture of what is really HERE.  Not what is gone.  Nothing is really gone.  No one is really gone.

I now know what my searching was for because of the “feeling” I have to do this.  To put myself out there.  To you and everyone else.  It is like a child waiting for their parent to come and pick them up.  That feeling of such Love, Joy and anticipation that it is just bursting from you to get out.

My children will always and forever of my forever, be with me.  We simply leave our bodies but we go to the never-ending spiritual field of the universe.  Of God, and of Us.  We are always connected.

I’ve known this for so long yet the teachings and up bringing of the religion I had kept me from venturing past that fence.   It was like looking over  the fence but you’ve been taught you can’t go there.  The fence is your boundary.  You can think all you want but you cannot venture past that barrier.  That is your “safe zone.”  Bull crap!

I’ve jumped the fence and I’m running into the future.   And it feels wonderful!

Let me add one thing before I get to far also.  I’m not down playing religion.  When you are sitting in church and you are singing praise and you are hearing the “word” that the preacher is speaking that day and you “Feel” the spirit upon you.  THAT is IT!  That spirit is WITH you.  You do get that in your religious belief and worship.  But worship is so much more and shouldn’t be conveyed into a “barrier” to keep you “in line.”  In Line STINKS!  You should be able to feel that JOY and happiness without any barriers that puts “Fear” into your heart.   Show no Fear in your tomorrows.  Start Today!

There were so many passages that made me question so many things in our religious world.  To where now, they all make sense to me.  Because I know now it is “past teachings of those that wanted to control you the way their old beliefs were.”

If you were to read the full chapter of Matthew it will give you everything (I believe) you need to live today.   But you have to decipher 2,000 years ago The’s and Thy’s to really make sense of it.

How do you do this?  READ.  Everything that has been handed to me lately in book form ALL relate to the teachings of Matthew.  Even the latest books I am reading.  “The teachings of Abraham, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.”

All of you self-help books all relate to the teachings of Matthew.  You can go through 10 books of self-help and you will come out with the same thing all in different format but the same meaning.   I suggest “The books of Esther and Jerry Hicks.”

These books have given me so much more perspective and realization of WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW than ever before.

Start Today!

If you have lost someone in your life.  First of all, stop thinking they are gone.  They are not.  Only their physical bodies have left us, we are all still Here.    Is it just those books that made me think this.  NO.  It is something inside me that has progressed me to this point.  They are not the only books and such I have come across.  But they are the ones that really pull everything together in a full account.  There are apparently quite an array of books they have written.  I have not read them all, only 2 so far.  I do not think I need all of them.  I search for more, but I let it come to me.

I am inspired of what my next steps in life are.  I am filled with Anticipation, Joy and Excitement because I believe that I have finally found where I am supposed to go.  I’ve put it off for so long but I’m finally on my way.

I’m here to help you.   Not just in helping you pass through your grief but to see and find your WHY of yourself.   Grief is our physical emotion of Loss.  And I Still have that part in me.  This is our LOVE and commitment for that person.  What a great gift.  Time can be either our nemesis or our awakening.

I have given enough time to the nemesis.  I’m on my way to a future that is on the other side of the fence!